More Reason Why You May Need Towing Services

When you think of a towing service, you think of a broken down car on the side of the road on the highway. Most people ask themselves the one question why do I need to know a towing company near me? Here are some interesting reasons why you may need towing services.

Car Trouble

Everyone that uses a car knows that sometimes, you will find your vehicle unable to take you where you need to go for some reason. Bad weather, an old battery, or any other reason can make your car inoperable for a time. If you happen to be stuck out on the road when you find out your vehicle not working, it is time to call for a towing service. For most people, that is precisely what a towing service is for, and only that.

Unauthorized Parking

 We have all seen those signs outside of banks or important government buildings that say “for clients only, towing enforced,” or “parking by permit only.” However, have we ever stopped to think about what they really mean? It is usually as simple as the sign read. If you park there and you are not supposed to, the business will call a towing company to take your vehicle, usually at your expense. 

Anyone who owns a business has a towing company somewhere in their phonebook, even if the average person does not think of a towing company as working for another business.

Owing Money

Sometimes businesses opt to tow vehicles for clients who have default pay back their car loans. They can take the vehicles back to their premises or leave them with the towing company. This is where shows like Lizard Lick Towing or Parking Wars come in. Towing companies today make profits by filming forceful towing of vehicles planned by vehicle owners to see the reaction of their drivers. In most cases towing may be the price you pay for not paying your bills.

No matter the reason, it is vital to know what towing companies can and cannot do and how this can affect you and the vehicles you own. It also never hurts to know someone who owns or works in a towing company.

Beginner’s Guide To LED headlights

modern blue colored car

There are critical lessons that you need to learn before deciding on traveling at night. The majority of people hate traveling at night; mainly due to the feeling of having other vehicles with high beam automotive LED headlights than yours. The feeling is quite frustrating, imagining the danger it might cause in the cause of the journey. According to a recent survey, people who are traveling, at night, are three-time prone to fatalities compared to daytime travel.

What beginners need to know about LED headlights

Distinguishing colors

Your perception and ability to sdfsfsdfsdsdfdistinguish color are usually poor in low light. The intensity of led headlights makes it possible to distinguish different colors in the road, for the purpose of easier judgment.

Perfect illumination

The intensity of led highly rely on high compared to halogen bulbs; the annoyance of having to collide with other vehicle is not there. The typically led headlight beam can illuminate 350 to 500 feet in front making it perfect to have full control of the car.

Easier aiming

Traveling at night one need to have perfect aiming. Led headlight have perfect aiming at night; that is not annoying to other drivers on the road. Aiming to ensure one does not lose control of the vehicle while concentrating n other vehicle headlights.


Its important to replace your old headlights with led lights. Having an older car with halogen bulbs, it might inconvenience you while traveling at night with other led headlights. The led headlight are compatible with other headlights that make it easier to replace the older cars.

A variety of led headlights

dgfdgdfgdfgdfgIts important to note the dynamism of technology over the years, inventors are improving their invention on a daily basis. It is important to carry out a market review on the available products in the market, therefore relying on friends to come up with the best products in the market.

The variety of led headlights in the market vary in intensity and price, this is why it is important to review various products in the market.


Finally, night traveling can be convenient if proper precautions are taken on the headlights. Visibility is critical at night considering the fatalities involved. To reduce fatigue during night traveling that`s mainly caused by poor visibility, you should also consider improving your headlights. Always consider the above reasons why every car needs to have led headlights for the purpose of your night traveling.

Tips To Selecting A Good Towing Company

yellow towing truck transporting a yellow car

The thought of hiring a towing service company never crosses the mind of many vehicle owners. Only when one’s vehicle has a mechanical problem or an accident is when the owner looks for a towing company like lakewood towing. However, this should not be so. One should be plan and be prepared before had with contacts of a towing service company in case of any eventuality. Below are a few tips on how one can select a towing company that can best suit the service they may need.

Selecting A Towing Company

Are They Licensed And Insured

One of the most important things to find out from a towing company is if they have the documents required to do these type of service. This is certifications and required licenses. Knowing this will save you from hiring unscrupulous and illegal companies who are not lkalkslkskskskskskqualified. You can ask to see the licenses to verify. Likewise, it is important for the company to have an insurance cover. This insurance policy should be in place to ensure the protection of your vehicle while the company is handling it or storing it at their yard. If any incident would happen, you are guaranteed of compensation.


Before choosing a towing service or roadside assistance company, you need to find out about their experience in service. Are they starting out or have they been in the industry, how long have they been in operation. Find out about the experience of drivers and technicians. You can also get reviews from clients they have handled, how was the service they received, do they recommend them. You can check for such information from review sites or the companies website.


When selecting the towing company assess their professionalism. From the discussion you have with the designated officer as you make inquiries, to how they respond and the information they supply. Have a look out for their customer service in how they treat you, are they knowledgeable and qualified to do the task, does their service look to be of quality and excellence. Likewise, evaluate if you are confidence in the ability of the work they do. The quality of reception that you receive is a sign of how the company will handle servicing you.

Towing Equipment And Machines Used

It is important to find out the quality and state of the machinery that the company uses while towing cars. Is the equipment fit for handling your type of vehicle and needs?

lkslkslkkskskskLastly, ensure to have a clear understanding of the pricing of the services they offer. Find out whether the cost is per kilometer towing or not. Also, how the terms of payment will be is it upfront payment or via one’s insurance company. Finally, inquire if any other hidden costs may arise. With the above, you are ready to hire a towing company that you are sure will meet your needs and have a good experience with them when the situation does arise.