Safety Tips for Your New Teen Driver

teen driving

Choose a Reputable Drivers ed Program

Most states require that teens take approved drivers education. The good thing about these professional courses is that teens learn essentials of car management, current rules of the road, and safe driving attitudes. It is vital for parents to find a reputable drivers ed course with quality lessons and current information.

Start Talking Early

teen driving motorbikeThe best time to start talking about the responsibilities and risks of driving is now. Remember those car accidents are the leading cause of death across the country. Therefore, you should talk to your teen about the risks of driving as this is a matter of death and life. Take time each week to share your concerns with your teen and continue the dialogue even after licensing.

Set the Ground Rules

You can have a parent-teen driving contract that sets rules, rewards, consequences, and restrictions for the teen in writing. In this way, you can establish driving as a privilege and something that is concrete to both of you. Ideally, consequences are nothing if you do not enforce them. Thus, if your teen does a great job, you should reward him or her.

Anticipate Peer Pressure

When teens drive with their fellow teens, he or she tends to take more driving risks. If your teen is in the vehicle with another teen driver, they should know that it is okay to say something during a risky or uncomfortable situation. You should go over what you want to say and practice so that your teen speaks up when driving in dangerous situations.

No Teen Passengers at Night

teen driverA teen driver increases the chances of crashing with each extra teen passenger. Also, the rates of teen crashes are at a peak during the night. Recent studies show that teens are easily distracted. It is a good idea to know who your teen is driving with to ensure your teen’s safety. Also, you should not allow teen passengers at night.

Be an Example

Probably, your teen has been watching the way you drive for many years. The parents’ driving behavior directly influences that of teen’s driving actions. In fact, poor parent drivers are likely to have teens that are involved in accidents and get traffic tickets. However, if you are a good driver, your teen is likely to put on a seat belt and be a courteous driver.