Facts about the EGR Delete Kit

Nissan car engine

In any case, you are one of the many owners of diesel trucks, then improving your engine longevity as well as overall performance should be number 1 on your maintenance list. The current auto market is flooded with several parts that can be used to achieve all these, but not many are efficient or even beneficial enough to answer your prayers such as an EGR delete kit.


The exhaust Gas Recirculation delete kit

The exhaust Gas Recirculation delete kit is a part aftermarket assembly. It will ensure kkjkjkjkjkjkjthe smooth removal of your vehicle’s EGR system which is a required component that reduces exhaust emissions.

There is a wide variety of high-quality delete kits that come with outstanding features, for example, the 6.0-liter diesel delete kit comprises the following;


  • All the parts needed to remove the sophisticated 6.0 liter EGR system
  • If your vehicle’s 6.0-liter engine ranges from 2003 to 2007 including all F-250, 350, 450,550, Econoline and Excursion vehicles
  • The EGR valve cap plate boasts a chrome plated 6061 billet aluminum with the bypass tube as well as the up-pipe are polished, and tig welded making it stand any pressure or tension.
  • Through the guidance of detailed instructions together with color photos, the EGR delete kit can be assembled and installed in a matter of hours – roughly 4-6 hours using basic tools found in many homes
  • You don’t have to remove the intake manifold when installing this kit
  • 90 days warranty

Competitive pricing

Whether you are experiencing stuck valves, leaky cylinders, coolant problems including other serious issues in an engine, an EGR delete kit will help you remove the EGR system allowing the motor to run at suitable temperatures. This will make the engine run cleaner and in turn improves overall performance for the much longer period.

Placing an order

It will take 2-3 business days, the moment you make an order, but there is also an option of using the UPS which will be done overnight. Once you complete the task of installing an EGR delete kit, ensure that the vehicle is operating in a more efficient and correct manner. This is done using a high-quality car tuner which will alert you if there are failing parts, degrading performance, and also inform you if the parts are inaccurate.

Return policy

kplkmbvxwAfter receiving the package, you might need to return it for some reason. As long as you do it within 14 days of receipt there no problem returning. All you need to do is ensure that you contact the company to receive an RMA number and on return it will cost you 15% restocking fee inclusive of the shipping charge.