5 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Car’s Interior

bmw interior

The exterior of your car is the first thing that people will notice when they look at it. And that is the truth, indeed. But the interior is just as important as the exterior because what you put inside your car determines its safety and comforts. In fact, cars that are dedicated to exterior modification are often inconvenient to drive for a long time. Their flashy look is only for the show!

Here, we’ll talk about the real deals, the must-have interior upgrades that can make you stay in the car as long as it takes!

All-Weather Floor Mats

Many car owners never change their car’s floor mats. What’s given by the dealers, they stay with those forever! But this is a grave mistake because worn-out mats can accumulate dirt. And once the wet weather comes, you’re going to deal with snow, muds, and water, a condition which can bring a nightmare to your car’s interior! 

Therefore, you will need to invest in all weather floor mats. Made of dirt and liquid repellant materials, all-weather floor mats can save you from the mess you may cause after you take a walk in muddy, sandy, snowy, or wet places. These mats are also perfect for withstanding liquid spills, like from soda or coffee.  

Leather Upholstery

leather seatsNot all cars come in leather upholstery. And it doesn’t mean you can’t have its luxury! Not only leather will bring a more elegant touch to the interior look, but it is also a dirt-proof and stain-proof material. Usually, nylon fabrics or industrial fibers are used as the covers for the car seats. They store dust, and if you spill liquid on them, the stains will last forever. 

Heated Seat Cushions

Heated seat cushions will provide you with unmatched comfort during long trips. Hours of sitting and driving can cause your back muscles to tense. And in the long run, that condition can lead to recurring back pain. If you use a heated seat cushion, your blood flow will remain normal because no muscles and blood vessels get tensed up. 

A Bluetooth Multi-Media Player

multi-media playerDriving can be boring. And to fight that, you will need a bluetooth multi-media player in the car. You can watch videos, play music, and make phone calls from this device. The older models are indeed way cheaper, but operating them will be a hassle. Besides, since most smartphones support voice commands these days, you can operate your multi-media player through your phone without having to push any buttons. 

Dashboard Cameras

Small cameras are generally affordable these days. Therefore, you’d better put one or two on your dashboard to record your drive. If there are any accidents, you can have solid evidence for your case. Besides, most insurance companies require drivers to have dashboard cameras anyways.